Education & Leadership

NCBW delivers support services that help youth achieve their educational goals. By supporting positive experiences, fostering a positive self-perception and self-respect, encouraging excellence in education and promoting the pursuit of positive lifelong goals, NCBW is creating future leaders.

STEM Initiative

STEM is an approach to teaching and learning that integrates the content and skills of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics 10 students in urban communities (communities that NCBW’s chapters serve).

NCBW contributes in supporting education in a number of areas including, advocating for change in the education system across our community, impacting how policies and procedures will affect our youth as it relates to equality in the school system and by providing a voice for those who would otherwise not be heard.

Mentoring Initiative

Mentoring will consist of the following: scholastic competency; grades; educational expectations: attitudes toward risk; parental trust: truancy; and presence of a special adult. Youth are to be matched with chapter mentors, highlight improvement in three areas: educational-related success, avoidance of risky behaviors and social-emotional competency.

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